Featuring minimalist contours and maximum functionality, the LAMY aion embodies the design philosophy of the LAMY brand while at the same time impressing users with its exceptional details – a sleek, perfectly proportioned barrel, straight clip and stainless steel nib. In addition, it has an uncompromisingly modern look and feel, which is particularly evident in the details. A new nib shape, exclusive to this series, was developed for the fountain pen. One of the hallmarks of the LAMY aion is its seamless construction. Both barrel and cap are designed as coherent components and have an innovative surface finish. The grip section contrasts subtly with the rest of the barrel, while the elegant, spring-loaded stainless steel clip provides the finishing touch to the overall design concept. The Lamy aion’s all-metal construction means as little plastic as possible is used in its production. New manufacturing processes were developed in order to achieve the seamless design and innovative surface structure. The LAMY aion comes in black and olivesilver. The family of writing instruments comprises a fountain pen, ballpoint pen and rollerball.

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