KOSMOS – an empty room with the potential to create something – like a pen on an empty sheet of paper. We see the brain as a cosmos with billions of connections and elements. Within this room lies the ability to create something extraordinary, only with the support of thoughts. A sparkling idea – the Big Bang – can be put down on paper with a pen to strike new paths and create something new. We believe there is nothing more creative than a pen and a blank sheet of paper. This cosmos is reflected in the design of our writing utensil. The bush parts are seemingly levitating over the shank and hold in position by balanced forces. Shifting the bush parts back and forth emerges or hides the ball pen cartridge. In order to realize this intuitive design, we have put in question every detail and function of writing utensils. The result is a unique mechanism based on magnets, which allows the pen to have different appearances in the writing and the idle position. A universal pattern of nature perfects this puristical design: the golden ratio, which is applied in nearly all proportions of the pen.

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