In the digital environment that increasingly surrounds us, has the handwriting become obsolete? KEYBOARD notebook begs to differ, making it clear through the message it conveys on its front cover in a simple, minimalist design. Grey letters on a blind embossed, stylized, black keyboard form an inspirational, yet funny message “HANDWRITING BEATS KEYBOARD” that celebrates the notion of the art of handwriting being one of the few timeless ways in which humans can uniquely express themselves. A keyboard may expose the power of our brain well but only our handwriting reveals the intricacies of the mind behind it. The finest workmanship of KEYBOARD notebook serves to make this happen for its users, revealing details about their personality on its high quality, environmentally certified paper. Regular keyboard is mechanical and detached, objective and generic. Flexible and very tactile softcover of KEYBOARD notebook protects a playing field KEYBOARD notebook provides for our handwriting that adds intimacy to a paper, discloses our inner state, sparks interest, and creates movement. Every design should speak of the product. Design of KEYBOARD notebook does it literally.

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