The most important attributes of the Kores K-Marker are its elegance, the modern design and the sensational feel of the marker. In short: it is one of a kind. With its clear lines and the distinctive pattern on the cap the K-Marker is easily identified as a Kores product. It is the ideal product to use at the office as well as at home. The lightproof and abrasion resistant K-Marker can even be used in all kinds of industries and training centers. High UV resistance, brilliant colors and a long cap-off time characterize the K-Marker product line perfectly. The high quality, airtight plastic components ensure a long and consistently smooth writing experience at all times. The uniquely shaped cap with a clip serves as a practical extra. Due to its innovative design the cap can be put on the back of the marker in reverse. This way the K-Markers stay clean of ink and can be stacked together, which increases the “play-factor” and makes storing them easier. The K-Marker is available as permanent marker, highlighter and whiteboard marker with bullet as well as chisel tip.

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