Despite all modern gadgets for drawing and making notes people still use paper, pens to help them in their everyday work. Whether you are just nostalgic, and feel yourself happy writing on paper, or your phone is out of charge and you need to write a note immediately. You always face the same problem: organizing your work space in a beautiful and comfortable way.
Souvenir modular stationary container set by Dmytro Aranchii Architects for furniture manufacturer Eva Lab is a very handy way of organizing your writing supply on a work space. The difference in depth of cups is made for placing different things like pencils, eraser, pens, paper clips in a way that they can be easily taken by user.
One of the project’s idea is that containers can be given as a present to the clients in order: firstly, 3 containers, then 2 and, at last, 1 (or in any other combination till a client gets 6, which is a full set). So, the cups can be combined in any composition from 1 to 6 containers.
6 cups create puzzle, that is interesting to combine.
So, this is comfy stationary container set, interesting puzzle and a unique present at the same time.

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