EKOTEKA is fully recycled product. It consists of waste textiles, cardboard, recycled paper and eco paint. Instead on dump, textiles and waste paper are in this book. Every EKOTEKA is unique cover it can be seen on the website www.ekoteka.info. EKOTEKA label is made by homemade recycling process in which spruce seeds are added to paper. You can sow the seeds somewhere in the city or can plant them in the forest. EKOTEKA packaging is made of corrugated cardboard, which serves as a picture frame and can stand on your desk or hang on the wall.

By creating 200 pieces notebooks we saved about 36 kg of landfill, 5 kg of CO2 and greenhouse gases, 53 km travel in the average European car, 742 liters of water, 68 kWh of energy and 58 kg of wood.

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