As a new addition to our line of attendance products, the external appearance of the M2 has further reinforced the rounded elements of Ding Talk’s intelligent hardware. At the same time, it has a brand-new design incorporating contactless interactive features based on facial recognition. It has a ring illuminator that is made with double injection molding to ensure the sense of quality when turning off the white semi-transparent light ring and also to ensure that the light is bright enough and uniform enough to match the backlighting and allow quick facial recognition even under low light conditions.
The compact desktop base features liquid metal injection technology, providing a reasonable weight and a strong magnet built right into the base. It is easy to assemble and feels great putting the M2 onto the main body. After assembly, the main body is not easily separated from the base. Taking into consideration its use in diverse environments, the fixed design of the M2 simultaneously meets common usage scenarios such as hanging on the wall and placement on the floor.

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