The M1 digital clock is displayed through a semi-hidden window to ensure that the device gives the impression of elegance and simplicity under any circumstance, with the ring indicator further enhancing its circular profile. Device configuration can be completed in just four easy steps, which greatly reduces the amount of time spent by administrative staff when using new equipment. With immediate cloud-side data synchronization and built-in Smart Work for attendance statistics and salary settlement, this product greatly increases business management efficiency.
When first creating this product, we found that most traditional attendance machines have ignored the needs related to placing the machine at the front desk. However, with these very needs in mind, the M1 has been designed with a 90-degree-rotatable base so that it can either be laid flat on top of a desk or hung on a wall. Also, its 15-degree angle provides the most comfortable position for employees to clock in with their fingerprint. Moreover, both configuration and usage incorporate some interactive elements such as light effects and sounds, making the product more interesting and easy to use.

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