The art marker market has had little innovation in years. We’ve changed that. Chameleon Art Products have introduced a brand new innovation, whereby a single marker allows you to achieve multiple tones. Tones give art depth and dimension, creating realistic artwork and Chameleon Color Tones Pens enable people of all abilities to achieve this. The Pen is easy to use, with a whole colour family in a single pen – perfect for Professional Illustrators, Graphic Designers, Artists or Casual Colourists. The Chameleon Pen has a simple, elegant delivery system, using gravity to dilute the ink in a choice of two specially designed Japanese Nibs. The Pen allows you to go from a hint of colour, right through to the pen’s richest tone, akin to dipping a paintbrush in water. The Chameleon system uses alcohol-based ink, giving a vibrant, fast-drying colour. Each Pen is refillable and the Nibs replaceable, making Chameleon Color Tones an investment that will last. With 50 colours, the ability to get a minimum of five tones from each pen and the capability to ‘overlay’ to create further tones, an artist need never be restricted by their palette with Chameleon Color Tones.

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