BRIC – The young new order in the office
Everyone has a personality with special preferences and desires. This is also true for the order in the office. While in the 20th century folders, hanging files, stamps and punches were stowed away for daily work, modern storage space in the workplace is increasingly becoming more individual and highly sophisticated. Of course many different office utensils are still needed. Nevertheless, it can be stated that, via digitalisation, many archiving aids such as folders or hanging files are no longer used directly at the workplace. Their place is taken now by things that are firmly linked to the new working generation. It was therefore logical for PALMBERG to develop a new form of order – with the BRIC system.

The organisers are shaped according to the intended use. There are straight and angled sheets for the creation of differently sized compartments. Another special feature of BRIC is the great number of special holders, e.g. for drinking bottles, mugs and other personal things. BRIC also allows for electrification and so augments the basic functionality. The storage space now also becomes a charging station at the workplace.

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