After years of experience developing in cord management products, we are proud to introduce our newest invention – Binditz™. The smart and easiest solution for everyday cord mess. Specially designed to stay on your cords where you need it, whether the cord is plug in the outlet or not. When it is time to bundle cords, simply hold the bundle in one hand and loop Binditz™ that is already attached on your plug over to wrap with another hand. No more holding your cords to look for cable ties or any other kind of cord wraps. Our goal is to design the simplest solution without any complicated steps to use and is suitable for everyone. Moreover, we use super stretchable material to minimize the overall size dimension to keep it slim and compact and stay handy. The oval shape design of loop can fit over any sizes of plug and still keep the flexibility sliding Binditz™ around the cords in perfect position without coming off the cords. Binditz™ is made for all sizes of cord bundles: small through large from the mobile chargers and headphones, kitchen and home appliances to a heavy-duty extension cord. A perfect ring in organization that every cord should not come without.

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