Artskill PRO is an ultimate case for stationery storing and carriage by every creative person. Every Artskill PRO detail designed with a functional purpose, each tool has its own space: roomy compartment in center perfect for pencils and markers, front compartment cares for sharpened pencils, has separate sections for the pins, kneaded eraser and form plastic, special compartment for accessories and small things. Compact and lightweight it accommodates about 80 different accessories. Depending on its fullness, the case closes tightly and all the stationery is ready for safe transportation. Using natural skin leather in manufacturing of Artskill PRO based on its long story of supporting everyday life of its owner – the case will be touched many times, opened and closed, wrapped, each action should be a pleasure. Therefore we select for Artskill PRO case production natural material giving the pleasant tactile sensations from one hand and durable in using with the other hand. The designing of Artskill PRO is based in our own experience as creative person, it is more than just a case – for creativity person it put everything into place.

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