ARC monitor arm introduces a new and effortless solution to the workplace. Three simple steps attach ARC intuitively to your desk, and without the need to use tools.

With exceptional reach and smooth travel, ARC moves like you, shadowing your posture throughout the working day. The carefully designed pivots and joints give ARC precise, fingertip control.

True future-proofing means when technology changes your equipment won’t need to. ARC provides a wide 2-10kg weight range simply by turning a discrete hand adjuster. It will support anything from a small tablet, to two large monitors, with the Dual-Rail add-on.

As monitors get larger it’s important to be able to remove them safely. ARC’s patent-pending VESA mount leaves both hands free to remove the screen. Simply press the button and lift.

Available in a palette of three colours, the elegant form is beautifully finished with soft textured panels contrasting the high gloss body. Cables flow from the screen to the desk, neatly contained along its full length, creating a clean and uncompromised look.

Marrying ergonomics and style with the evolving demands of technology, the ARC is the ideal partner for a modern office.

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