The brief was to create an extremely comfortable, lightweight yet very strong and durable, wooden high density stacking chair with an optional and discreet method for linking.

Every part of the chair was designed to embody the qualities of wood and the technologies used in its manufacture. The elegant simplicity and highly resolved nature of the Theo chair belies its technical complexity; the thin ply-formed backrest and leg frames being designed to flex, dissipating load by acting as springs that allow the chair to flex in use thus avoiding stress on individual joints and enabling the chair to be offered with a 10 year warranty.

A linking mechanism enables rows to remain straight in use and 3 chairs to be stacked whilst linked together and by being exceptionally light for a wooden chair at under 4 kg it allows users to link, unlink and stack large numbers of chairs easily and quickly. A stack of 30 high on either a single or triple width trolley will go through a standard door and due to the comparatively low combined weight a stack of this height is very easily manoeuvred.

The design evolved into a range of tables, benches, stools, pews and credenzas with common components.

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