Traditional executive chairs have never achieved the health benefits that performance task chairs do. Yet, executives spend just as much time sitting as other workers, and their expectations for comfort are even higher.

The contoured back provides Zonal Support for musculoskeletal balance. Support concentrated in key areas encourages people to adopt a more powerful posture. The shape and contour of the backrest was informed by Dr. Brock Walker and his proprietary MEARS (medically engineered active response system) technology. Dr. Walker has studied hundreds of subjects to identify the needs of the body for strength and comfort.

Taper leverages state-of-the-art engineering to move in harmony with the body. To counterbalance body weight, the tilt mechanism uses carbon fiber leaf springs to control resistance. The tilt is easy to adjust, ensuring a smooth, balanced ride.

With a slender profile and appropriate scale, Taper uniquely fits a wide range of individuals. Its expression is refined, elegant, and executed with superior attention to detail. Each stitch is exactly where it needs to be as it welcomes the body, pleases the eye, and complements the most sophisticated office

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