Slim, Easy, Active.
The model ROVO R12 gives new criteria in view to ergonomics, design and technical features. Product idea: Development of a new design-oriented family of swivel chairs with unique selling point ( USP).
Characteristic basic is the innovative patented ERGO BALANCE technology. This technology animates sitting in a healthy position with high freedom of movement. It keeps the body active in motion. The ERGO BALANCE seating concept is certified as health chair from IGR, German community for Back Therapy Teachers.
A special feature of ROVO R12 is the extremely slim silhouette with the new FLEX RELAX multi-disc system at the backrest with an integrated easy tension control by three sliders which can be individually adjusted in height and depth.
Other unique characteristics of the R12 silhouette are the striking aluminum parts, a very slim flat aluminum base as well as the aluminum backrest connector and the air permeability high-tech mesh in different colors in combination with the different frame colors aluminum polished , silver , black and white.

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