The ONGO®Stand is made for people who have to stand a lot at work, but want to have relieve, and for those who have realized that it is healthier and more productive to interrupt lengthy sitting by standing or supported standing.

Of particular note on the ONGO®Stand are both the seat and the elastic support of the center column in the three-arm alu-base. – The shape of the seat was chosen according to ergonomic requirements so that the user can both sit comfortably on it as well as lean against it, when using it as a typical standing aid. To adjust the position and inclination of the seat optimally to the working conditions, the center column is mounted flexibly in the base and can be adjusted individually to all sides with just four screws.

The ONGO®Stand can be adjusted to the ideal height with a hydraulic lift. Its base is made of easily recyclable aluminum and makes for a good stand also in difficult production environments. An optional seat cushion can be clipped to the seat and is therefore easily exchanged.

The ONGO®Stand is ideal for many different applications, such as the factory, office, reception or home.

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