Encouraged to move – moll S9 the smart, thinking swivel chair
The moll S9 doesn’t just bring all the strengths of a swivel chair to the home. It is an invitation to move — an encouragement to rethink sitting. The moll S9 brings an end to all conventions. It is the chair for every body size and any seating idea. It allows more than just ideal adjustment to people. Thanks to its compact shape, it offers endless seating options. Whether from the front, left back or side, the moll S9 expands the horizon, and its movable seating surface keeps the body moving. The moll S9 works with anybody’s body – whether child or adult, young woman or tall man. The design swivle chair moll S9 has a size adjustment range that makes it the ideal seating solution for any body size. This is made possible by stepless adjustment of the seating height and depth, each in two high or low ranges. This makes the moll S9 a chair that is just as suitable for children as for adults. And by the way: Along with size adjustment, the moll S9 automatically adjusts to the user’s weight.

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