Result of a close collaboration with the famous German designer Martin Ballendat, M4 is an executive mesh armchair featuring pure aesthetics lines and technical precision. With its full mesh seat, backrest and headrest, M4 enter in the very exclusive club of few professional chairs made of 100% mesh, on world’s office seating market.
Designed to provide a full comfort able to meet with most demanding user’s ergonomics needs, M4 innovates with a very new mesh quality featuring both mechanical and elastic performances together with an amazing softness.
M4 has a new fully integrated self-regulated mechanism, custom-developed for the chair. It provides an automatic custom fit to the user’s gabarit, without need of any adjustment. Seat translation integrated to the seat. Height adjustable armrests by sliding on sidebars with PU pads.
4 models for a complete range. The seat is made of complex and precise assembling of different materials such as aluminum, polyurethane, polyamide, polypropylene and polyester. Upholstered seat in option.

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