The standard work office seen up till now is gradually transforming to a multi-purpose, multi-aspect workplace to match the work goal and specific task. Modern needs call for an office where each and every one can freely grow and make the most of their abilities just the way they want. The Lives Work Chair is a component part of the Lives office system and functions as a work chair that blends the work area into a relaxing space like one’s own living room. Upholstering the entire surface of the seat and back creates a soft impression unlike any office chair seen up to now yet including functions indispensable for office seating. Ankle Tilt Reclining synchronizes the chair seat and back action in a sliding motion centering on the ankles to give natural support for pleasant reclining with no load on the user’s body. All operating levers are clustered at the lower-right seat surface within easy hand reach from a natural seated position. Just sliding the lever in a simple movement changes the amount of reclining counter force and changes the seat back clamping position. On wooden leg type chair, the seat surface easily rotates for easy standing or sitting.

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