The office chair series Liven was inspired by automotive designs, specifically the lines of Italian sports cars which is reflected in the stepped upholstery of the seat and black casing resembling the exterior of the bonnet.

The simplicity of its form hides the complexity of its ergonomic functions in the adjustability of the backrest, headrest, lumbar position, recline tension, height, armrest, and seat depth – allowing the chair to conform to the user’s posture and provide a high level of seating comfort. Every detail is researched and tested: the seat has an optimum curvature to match your body, which creates an encapsulating feeling for your lower / mid body; a narrow shoulder area allows for freedom of arm movement; the backrest with a reclining angle that avoids a shirt-pull effect.

Designed as a broad product family, each part is individually assembled which allows for a wide variety of chair configurations to suit the diverse environments and areas within an organisation. The back shell is available in high gloss piano black plastic or full leather upholstered. All upholstery is glue-free to accentuate the form of the chair and provide a more ecological solution.

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