Legendee is a top grade leather upholstered chair integrating function and elegance as a fitting match for top executives leading us through the current times. Users can select a stitch or other designs for genuine soft leather seat to give an air of panache to executive offices. Okamura unique technology gives a cushion molded with 3 types of urethane to different hardness levels. The front of the seat surface is soft so as not to put pressure on the thighs while the rear has a stiff cushion to firmly support the buttocks. These act to disperse body pressure so the user can sit without tiring easily. Smart Operation is achieved through levers located at the armrests to let the user easily adjust the seat to a natural position while still seated. The left armrest lever clamps or releases the reclining position and the right armrest lever adjusts the seat height. Besides basic adjustments like seat height and depth, an Ankle Tilt Reclining synchronizes the chair seat and back action in a sliding motion centering on the ankles to give natural support from light to full-intensity reclining. So the user experiences a top grade feeling suitable to a first-class chair.

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