The sit-stand support K+N BALANCE.CHAIR is popular due to its highly functional yet aesthetically appealing design and high-quality materials. The unique patented combination of task chair and sit-stand support unites two functions: sitting and leaning. The K+N BALANCE.CHAIR is the ideal companion for sit-stand workstations, inspiring a dynamic approach to working. The cantilever backrest swivels for instant conversion. The chair turns into a sit-stand support in a single movement. The backrest automatically locks at an angle of 12°. It unlocks again at the touch of a button. The gas spring features infinitely variable height adjustment, as well as an automatic stop function that’s weight-triggered to stop it moving around in support mode. When it’s used as a task chair, the stop function can be deactivated. A rocker mechanism ensures that the K+N BALANCE.CHAIR offers a comfortable sitting experience. The one-piece aluminium seat shell looks elegant, yet gives the chair maximum stability. Attached armrests continue the slender design theme. Available upholstered in saddle leather, or alternatively with a polished aluminium or powder-coated finish.

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