The innovative, straight design and ergonomics concept serves the usability in height adjustable desks, as well as at height adjustable conference tables. The high shifting area and area of use of 25.59 Inches up to 51.18 Inches can offer by kinema active chair and his new developed mechanics a dynamically conformist change of the body posture to the respective table height, and allows therefore more than only sitting and standing.

This provides an active sitting position with a vertical movement from sitting, elevated sitting up to stand-up sitting. Office dwellers will experience a new and healthier work space and meeting environment by using the height adjustable tables more intensely. Also long meetings at height adjustable conference tables can find out by the body change with the kinema active conference chair in the next position a new agility and promote creativity.

Long periods of sitting are “the new smoking“ as studies show – it may cause chronic back pain or musculoskeletal disorders. So, there is no ONE ideal posture for desk jockeys. But there is a healthy solution – a well-balanced combination of standing and sitting, a so called „Stand-Sit-Support-Dynamic“.

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