The FreedMan Chair is the only chair that allows the spine and pelvis to recreate the same posture when sitting as when standing.

The basic layout of the traditional chair has remained pretty much unchanged throughout time and focuses on cushioning and support, while ignoring human anatomy, which is optimized when we stand.

As a result, it is now recognized that sitting for long periods of time presents a real health risk; in terms of an altered metabolism which in turn leads to an increased risk of both heart disease and diabetes.

The revolutionary FreedMan Chair uses the body’s inherent anatomical structure to help us sit correctly and healthily by maintaining the natural curves of the back which will then do much of the work of supporting the seated body and so take the strain off muscles not designed to do that job.

Critical to the function of the chair are the sculptured seat pads which have been designed to be angled forwards by 27 degrees.

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