Easyback is a task chair which presents itself with an essential and light design, ensuring a high comfort performance thanks to its adjustment and the new technology FLEX-TECH backrest which follows your body’s movements. The unique feature of this chair is its ability to enclose in a single product all the features written below: – Ecofrendy: Easyback boasts a small packaging Dim. 800x660x350 h. As a result, this reduces with equal reduction in transport journeys, energy and subsequent emission of CO2 – Easier Assemblage: Easyback does not require the need of tools. It can be mounted entirely thanks to its quick click connection. – Longevity: The Upholstery of the Easyback’s backrest has been developed to be changed any time you want. There is absolutely no limit in adapting the chair to the environment, simply by replacing the cover, giving it a whole new look. – Ergonomic: Easyback obtained the 1335-A Certification. Moreover, we developed a Flex-Tech technology that allows the backrest to follow your body’s movements . – Smart Looking: The Easyback presents an interesting backrest design with a new type of upholstery, in fact It has a double mesh (or fabric) on the top

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