“Contessa” has transformed to a chair of high seated comfort and operability. The mesh frame has just right amount of flexibility and gently conforms to the seated person’s movements. The ring structure of the seat surface gives a secure grip feeling. It also distributes the user’s body pressure to provide a comfortable and high quality stable seated feeling. The cushion molds three types of urethane having different hardness levels into an integrated piece. The front of the seat surface is soft so as not to press on the thighs, while rear adopts a stiff cushion to firmly support the buttocks. Operating levers are conveniently located in the armrests, so the basic adjustments required for everyday use are easy and simple. The reclining posture is adjustable with the left lever. The user can freely lock it or can clamp it at a preferred angle in 5 steps. Adjusting the seat height (movement stroke: 100 mm) is easy by just moving the right lever. Mesh material has excellent durability and texture by combining two types of yarns giving strength and stretchability.

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