Enjoy seats with dynamic and useful seat structure ,it is ideal for conferences and similar places, back with flexible mesh or fabric, leather can be made,in the back seat, a spring with a special structure which are imported from Germany.This spring system, seating comfort is provided in a long time user,chair seat, plastic cast is above the sponge. The coating is made of leather or fabric.The seat has a window for ventilation and to avoid making noise under plastic. in the chair, feet steel profiles, link arms and the back legs are made of aluminum fasteners,staplers, chairs have been designed to appear like bolt mounts. All the mold belong to our company used 11 molds.The seat is folding type. This feature seat after normal use and provides a space saving when placed on a waiting dock area. Thanks to the rear wheels in the chair, the chair removed, replaced driving. This function is used when the seats in the room where the cleaning and storage areas provide many benefits.Arms is plastic, if desired can be added writing to the conference table.Product design has a licence.

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