Capella is a new type of task chair, designed to keep your body active. That’s what sitting correctly is all about. The new mechanism is called FreeMotion™ and is an entirely new system whereby the seat and back move independently of each other, follows the natural movement of users. Tiny, balanced micro-movements in the seat create slight adjustments without the chair feeling unsteady. The task chair has been developed according the principal that sitting down is not about sitting still, which is why the chair encourages the body to move while sitting. Apart from capturing the core values of Kinnarps of Comfort and Ergonomics Capella has given a more elegant and less technical appearance to feel more natural in softer environments. This design together with the chair’s ease of use and simple setting controls makes Capella the perfect chair to use in activity based environments where it will be used by many different people. It is produced with fewer parts of recyclable lightweight materials, which are easy to separate. This makes it the best choice for the environment too.

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