Designed by Alain Gilles for BuzziSpace, BuzziFloat is an intentionally simple chair design that blends into its surroundings. Originally conceived for the purpose of fitting into any work or collaborative space, it is the first-ever task chair produced by BuzziSpace and represents the brand’s commitment to creating incredibly functional, flexible products that extend beyond the modern office.

Engineered to feel spacious and airy while also maintaining a strong graphic personality, BuzziFloat was designed around the ethos that a lot should be done with the least amount of material. Specifically, this minimal seating option aims to maximize space with its design, and features a clean, simple silhouette that enables it to fit seamlessly into a wide range of environments, from offices and commercial contexts to homes. Its spare but thoughtful design also allows BuzziFloat to visually complement any aesthetic, and unlike standard task chairs, becomes an extension of the space it is in, thus fusing both form and function into one innovative product.

BuzziFloat is available in various finishes and three different base options, and can come upholstered for added comfort.

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