The AURAY family of task and conference chairs, available in high-back and low-back versions, presents authentic and unmistakeable design principles. The minimalistic aesthetic of this premium task chair is based on architectural design approaches. The design is distinguished by the flowing lines of the aluminium frame and the topographic upholstery. Thanks to precise fitting, the frame, armrests and mechanism blend seamlessly to form a harmonious unit. The patented synchro mechanism with opening angle of 22° and cone tilt through 7° has a subtle, very elegant effect. The seat height, tilt and depth, as well as the opening angle, can be adjusted intuitively and easily thanks to the intelligent positioning of self-explanatory pictographs, even in an upright sitting position. The top-quality craftsmanship can also be seen in the inlaid leather tops on the curved C-armrests. Each AURAY, a symbiosis of design and technology, is an individually-crafted masterpiece with a high recognition factor. Design + preengineering by 2DODESIGN.

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