Brilliance for your office – ANTEO® ALU, combines elegant aesthetics with super ergonomic comfort. A highly distinctive backrest effectuates an elegant, slim outline; whilst sleek aluminium contours capture light and form. The noble ANTEO® ALU is accentuated by high quality Leather, Tube, Network or SlimLine upholstery. The versatility of design allows this chair to be adapted to different working and breakout environments to suite through an entire interior scheme. This is an ‘easy to operate’ chair with a wide variety of options that adapt to any personal requirement. The revolutionary new KÖHL® AIR-SEAT can also be clipped onto ANTEO® ALU. This innovative product stimulates and mobilizes the spinal column with multidimensional micro-movements and trains by frequent changes the low-laying back muscles. It improves health and performance and prevents back pain. The adjustment of the air volume is regulated by a self-inflating 2-chamber air cushion via a comfort valve. The air volume and the degree of movement can be adjusted individually by pressing the „AIR-SEAT“-button only. All products made by KÖHL are made of high quality and low polluting materials. The production process

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