The office chair family SITAGTEAM meets the conceptual high standards of ergonomics, functionality and the formal expression with all “family members”. From swivel chair, visitor and conference seating SITAGTEAM speaks a uniform and escorted by a basic theme design language and offers to be used in both, offices in all areas as well as in the home office, they are multi-purpose chairs. The conscious factual formal overall impression of SITAGTEAM complements the introduction of very finely tuned to the comprehensive task material – and color scheme, therefore each chair will always appear cautious, but not spectacular. The SITAGTEAM swivel chair shows a clear and unambiguous, easily sitting detectable handling and connected to a modern ergonomic approach which underscored by the active front – inclination. SITAGTEAM unites the highest standards of modern ergonomics, comfort, versatility and quality in all respects, it builds an independent and delimiting formal expression of swivel chairs and, correspondingly, the innovative upholstered static chairs.

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