“PRECEDE” is an office system newly adding partitions and executive desks to its existing systemconfigured from work desks and meeting tables. Incorporating partitions as one element in the series provides total coordination rendering the overall office a subtle tone that also reveals an elegant design. Work desks jointly integrate structural features of bench tables and single desks allowing multiple diverse layouts in a single system. These desks are newly fabricated to render the real-thing effect via their design and color along with a natural texture that meets tastes craving a shared impression of sophisticated material comfort. Covers mounted on the table legs are designed to accentuate that feeling and enhance a unified impression with the desktop. Doors and drawers for item storage employ a soft-closing mechanism aimed at a high-quality operating feel. Glass panel partitions impart a continuous stream of transparency down to the glass joints for a flat finishing effect. “PRECEDE” creates a space where staff can work in a shared spirit of comfort that also expresses originality stemming from corporate culture.

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