The name of the system is not random. PLURIS means more, numerous, in excess and
that expresses the idea which inspired its creators. PLURIS was to be unique in every way,
it was to provide a countless number of options without any compromises.
More options – one system and 6 alternative frames, for the first time a furniture system
gives such freedom of choice.
More ways of applying – PLURIS is a universal system. Thanks to a diversity of elements it
enables us to furnish open space offices as well as conference rooms, executive offices,
reception areas and classic office spaces.
More functionality – innovative solutions make working easier. For example a cable distribution
system in under-desk cabinets, which not only helps to put cables in order but also
gives a swift access to all the media.
More elements – PLURIS is a real record-breaker. The desks themselves, in respect of
size and construction, give almost 500 units! As for image cabinets, if we take into consideration
different types of fronts we come up with a number that is hard to imagine. There
are no limits, we have the comfort of choice and freedom of creation.

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