Multi Furniture System Masterbox®

Masterbox® is a modular steel system for sideboards, cabinet walls, wall-mounted cabinets, shelves, containers and room dividers. Combined with a cushioning element, the storage space furniture is, at the same time, workplace-oriented seating. This multifunctionality opens up a high level of efficiency and the option to plan office space with only 1 system.
Purism characterizes the cubic design. The 45 degree edges are the same front and back, emphasize the filigree geometry and allow flush doors, flaps and rear walls. When boxes are stacked, no perceptible material doubling occurs. Optically homogeneous, the front and side elements are composed of two parts and are configurable bicoloured. Colours are black and white, but the product can also be completely made of chrome steel.
The foamed steel construction offers extreme stability. Thus boxes with a width of up to 1600mm don’t require dividing walls and rear walls and can be stacked horizontally or vertically, in line or offset.
Each Masterbox® configuration is convertable as often as required and without tools. A magnetised film inserts the modules into position and holds them firmly together.

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