The standard work office always seen up till now is transforming into a multi-aspect, multi-purpose, workplace selectable to match the work goal and specific task. Modern work needs call for an office where each person can freely grow and make the most of their abilities anyway they want. The Lives Personal Chair & Table is a component part of the Lives office system and functions serving as part of this type of office. A seat position ideal for PC work comes from joint research along with a major university and designed based on low-seat height–and semi-relaxed rear reclining position. It is a combination personal chair and table that lets the user relax while concentrating on their PC work. The chair seat surface can lower and the chair back shift somewhat rearward to let the user maintain a relaxed state. Large head panels visually block off the surroundings to boost user concentration on work. Table legs have stylish contours and utilize roller casters. Just gently lifting the tabletop allows easy table movement great for bringing the table closer to the user. Leg frame has no beams so users can leisurely extend their legs in a no-stress pleasant body position.

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