HUBB is an innovative and modular series of furniture. Although developed for the education sector, it also serves its purpose in other sectors.

Inspired by a seemingly simple shape, Gispen together with Mecanoo Architects created an innovative furniture series which can be combined in various ways, offerings endless possibilities. This allows you to create a custom-made environment that facilitates various activities.
And when the needs change, the environment will be able to adapt as well.


• Great furnishing flexibility within your existing structures
• Unity and serenity in your interior due to the universal base structure
• More workstations when compared to a traditional furnishing
• Learning and working in an ergonomic way
• All of your desired technology is within reach
• Sustainable and timeless solution that will withstand the test of time

Circular manufacturing

The circular economy was leading in designing and manufacturing. We searched for ways to create as many configurations as possible from the fewest number of components. We can use the same wooden shell for all seating models. Every part is fully (de)mountable and reusable.

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