Fly, which represents the combination and harmony of unique design and impeccable workmanship with wood, leather and fabric, brings comfort and elegance to all places where it is located. Designed for the flavour and needs of the user, Fly emphasizes the matchless harmony of different materials with its general lines. A model which is contrast with round structurewas formed within the sharp external line. The side and rear panels of the seating groups which are formed based on the requests of the user by providing freedom of movement in all aspects of its design, can be designedaslacquer, wood, laminated or cloth.There are fabric and leather optionsat the interior part. Since the metal sheet special fabrication feet are laser cut, it gets difficult to imitate the design. Fly adapts to all areas due to its dimensionsand it also has an extensive colour scale. The rear camber formed with high quality sponge and filling materials gives an ergonomic form to the design.

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