EZETTRA – the seating system with integrated linking technology. This new seating system for larger spaces of unique modularity stands out by its patent-pending technology that allows for securely connecting seats in a row without any additional elements. Just the frame design combined with specifically developed plastic components result in a firm, low-noise row connection, which fully complies with the requirements stipulated by new standard EN 14703. Within a minimum of time, individual solitary chairs can be connected to fixed units – just as required for security standards in larger areas. The handling is most simple and time-efficient – the seats can be assembled and disassembled virtually in no time. Being the only such product on the market, the seating system can also be subsequently equipped with adaptive arm rests in 2 different versions. All models – with and without arm rests – feature the same modular dimensions, which is essential for the venue layout. Moreover, all seat models can be interconnected and up to 20 seats can be stacked on top of each other.

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