Companies are making extensive efforts to reduce cost while the global economic recession continues, and the office environment also seeks a way to eliminate unnecessary spending while increasing efficiency. We have conducted a research on product and user space for a year and established the “value” of the office in order to cope with the changes of the market environment. We made a bold investment in essential values and eliminated inessential values to find the optimized balance point in the aspect of user, buyer, and manufacturer.
We added the advantage of horizontal wiring to the free-standing desk considering the user environment in Korea where the relocation of furniture and change of layout take place frequently. For panels that are much less frequently used as the importance of communication and collaboration increased, however, we focused on its basic function as the partition by eliminating other values. This low cost high efficiency rule was also applied to the storage. The lower cabinet eliminated the L/R distinction and overcame the limits that were problematic when changing existing layout and the open multi-cabinet accommodates various store items and extends the w

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