Stand firm and stay mobile!
In today’s working world, it is becoming increasingly important to have a firm standpoint and yet remain flexible. This is the only way to implement creative ideas successfully. This essential concept formed the basis for the development of VARIO TeC; after all, the table is set to form the heart of office work in the future too.
VARIO TeC combines a firm footing with mobility, practicality with an individual feel-good character.
The aluminium leg is characterised by the organic transition from the horizontal to the vertical, Surfaces are slightly domed: volumes become elegant and tangible.
The upper end of the side section is a flat shaped piece above which the table top floats. Without the appearance of any technical utility, it can actually be used for attaching add-ons or linkage options.
The head and foot, which are more succinctly angular, are linked by a height-adjustable round column. With this, VARIO TeC meets every ergonomic requirement. The C and T foot variants provide a high level of modularity, and the add-ons and linkage options open up a range of individual design possibilities.

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