TableAir is a simple, elegant and smart standing table with unique lifting process. Thanks to its distinct innovative look, you finally don’t have to compromise health and productivity for cool design in the office. There’s some pretty exciting technology behind this. The Smart Button senses the distance to your hand and lifts TableAir to match the height. Due of the custom ambient LED lighting that the table is wrapped around in, it can easily become the centerpiece of any corporate interior. The companion app (for iOS and Android devices) notifies you when it’s time to sit or stand, allows you to track your progress and control LED lights. TableAir is available in 4 different designs: White Glossy – the most iconic TableAir with a beautiful reflective look is a perfect fit for modern creative offices. Dark Glossy – This tabletop fits perfectly for entertainment venues and highlights objects placed on it. American Cherry – the bright cherry wood adds a cozy feel to the table. With the LED lights turned on the table will become a synergy between classic and modern look. Dark Walnut – gives the table that luxurious look and the LED lights adds a modern twist to it.

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