“System X” Desking System is inspired by the emerging needs of modern and ever changing work space environment. It is developed based upon the understanding of work behavior as well as the entire manufacturing process. It embrace the concept of “LESS is MORE’ – maximize System X configurable potential and yet minimizing components, manufacturing processes and installation process. Thus, it create an equilibrium of aesthetic and performance. With sharable parts, System X Desking is made possible to fulfill any work style requirement from executive desk, meeting area as well as collaborative clusters. System X – Leg is made from a full Aluminium Die Cast piece, creating a highly versatile and yet extremely sturdy structure. It adopt an interchangble connection points with 30 degree angle adjustment. This specialized connection design allows the leg to be attached with different angle and different configuration. The connection is also designed to be extremely simple and easy for assembly and installation with only one screw type. The idea is to reuse and reconfigure with the same kit of parts to accommodate emerging work space changes or expansion.

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