The moll T7 can be integrated into any room — whether a child’s bedroom or a living room. As the first manufacturer to offer electrically motorized height adjustment, we cover the whole range from seated childs to standing adults (56 – 128cm). It works easily — with the touch of a button. The moll T7 is made with safety in mind. Its height adjustment is a two-handed operation and can be locked. The motor stops immediately if there is resistance. The moll T7’s giant drawer has a push-to-open function and offers room for everything that is needed for the desk, but not always needed on the desk. The optional cable duct with power management provides a place for power adapters and keeps the workplace neat. Its design is reduced to the essential. The inlay of the top is color coded and contributes strongly to the look. Six different colors are available — including two with a wood grain look. The color concept is echoed in the runners and can be changed as one pleases. So the moll T7 also adapts to taste changes for as long as it is used.

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