Modulos is a new concept of furniture, made to bring a fresh new take into the concept of a work surface. Fully made out of beautiful high quality wooden material, each desk assembled has its own unique character and functionality – dictated only by the needs and wishes of its owner. But what makes it stand out is that you assemble your own surface, making it fully customisable to your needs and upgradeable.
Since Modulos is based on a fully modular design philosophy, with the surface composed out of square modules, we have utilised this concept by creating different types of functional modules so the owner can configure the desk to accompany his or her needs. And since we live in an era of quickly evolving personal gadgets and exciting new tech, our product complements it perfectly by being able to adapt, upgrade and reshape itself to fit its owners’ new needs. And by doing so, it reduces the amount of waste, since an upgradeable and reshapable furniture does not need to be thrown away.
In its essence, Modulos is an example of design being used to create a new type of a product, one that reduces waste and brings unparalleled flexibility and functionality to its owner.

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