Sit Stand Desk Masterlift® 4
Electrically height-adjustable desks allow regular change of position in the workplace. The Masterlift® 4 from Inwerk also brings a new style to the office. The goal was conscious reduction: as little material as possible with maximum stability.
The frame, as a circulating loop, stands without a visible connection, next to the lifting columns. The columns also act as a cable channel and facilitate a smooth operation through telescopic design, allowing the table to glide up and down. The substructure is also innovative. Two substantial 8mm steel plates support the table top, showing only a filigree line at the sides. A new cable collector guides the cables in a position-variable manner to the cable channel. The invisible quiet linear drive is integrated in the columns. Flush-ground welds show the entire construction as ‘milled from the solid’. The Masterlift® 4 fulfils highest requirements, e.g. by a load of 100 kg and a particularly fine-responsive Piezo TM collision sensor. The unique Monitor-Analysis-System Masterguide informs and animates the user at the selectable rhythm, to stand up and to interrupt the habit sitting actively controlled.

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