Computers are getting more and more mobile. So why not desks as well? After all, people need digital data wherever they are, even at locations where there are no proper desks or tables, i.e. in hospital, on stage, in workshops, on building sites, in a production line … and in a future
office landscape.

We have designed mangroovv as a lightweight tool that you really love to carry around – just grab the handle and off you go, with its feet folding automatically. In this way it‘s easy changing room with your tablet at hand. On location its feet unfold again automatically. You put it down and go on working with your tablet, either sitting or standing. The magnetic ball-joint makes it easy for you to choose any operating angle.

Advantages for tablet users:
– You work with both hands even when you change your location often
– You put in nearly twice the number of data in a measured time frame
– Both hands are free for other activities wherever you are
– Ergonomic working position and no need to hold the tablet conti-
abnously, therefore less stress on your arms and hands
– Fosters your health by standing or being outdoors while working
– One Grip Technology: one move, all functions.

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