iWork is an intelligent office furniture system based on ergonomic design. iWork installs a low-power dissipation intelligent WIFI module into desk and chair. This module will collect body data through sensor while the employer is working. After long time sitting, iWork will alert you in real time with adjustable vibrator. Meantime, the desk will automatically lift to the height of your standing posture, making it easily to switch to standing work, thus relieving the stress of spine and back and reducing the harm to body arising from sedentary sitting.
iWork background system can collect working data in real time and deliver to cloud. Employer can read reports and analyze the working status of staff, achieving the image of taking the initiative to care for workers’ physical and psychological health. On the other hand, employee have the access to check his or her health data trough APP or Cloud. With special programming, iWork can help your staff to develop the habit of sitting-standing working, ultimately achieving maximum team productivity

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