The FOCUSED Activity Based Table system is a response to the growing demand for products designed specifically to meet the requirements of activity based work. The contextual references are derived from functional, task specific environments, for example hospital emergency rooms, commercial kitchens and workshops . These environments work because they are tailored to certain functions . We have designed a system table that allows the function of a working space to be changed quickly and easily.

FOCUSED can be specified as a meeting table with a fully enclosed covered cable dump and a lift out top panel or with a selection of reconfigure-able fabric covered, functional infill panels. All compression molded panels are manufactured using 100% recycled plastic sheet materials and natural coverings. The substrate and covering are easily separated for recycling.

The table structure is designed following principles and rules more common in engineering than furniture. The hidden steel chassis of the table is designed for both ease of manufacture and final assembly. The frame, just like the chassis of a car is completely hidden by the compression molded parts.

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